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This page lists all game modes in Crossout.

Game modes[edit | edit source]

Currently, there are four game modes:

Missions (PvP)

In this primary mode, two teams of up to eight players face off for the victory. There's two different match. The first one is each team got a base to defend and so, one to capture. The second one is a neutral zone to control. You can win matches by destroying all opponent vehicles or by capturing the hostile base (or the neutral zone). The victory is given in priority to the team with the highest amount of capture points (up to 3). If it's an equality, the victory is for the team with the most vehicles alive.

Rewards: Items: only grey items Resources: Iron, cables and electronics

Raids (PvE)

In this mode, a team of four fight against a team of AI-controlled enemies called raiders while completing various objectives. Resources rewarded at the end of Raids differ from Missions. Rewards can include copper, coupons and more.

Brawls (PvP)

In this mode, players are faced with unique objecive, most of which are not team-based like racing and various forms of free-for-all. Players are rewarded with crates and increased amounts of scrap metal.

Clan battles (PvP)

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