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Generators are components for powering your car. They add bonus energy to power weapons and other devices that improve combat effectiveness. Generators provide bonus energy and explode when destroyed.

Name Energy Power score Durability Mass (kg) Size Blast power /10 Faction
Icon Light Generator.png
Big G
+1 150 101 36 2x3x3 1 Lunatics
Icon Generator Hazardous.png
+2 410 30 108 2x3x3 3 Nomads
Icon Heavy Generator.png
PU-1 Charge
+2 410 164 576 2x4x6 2 Scavengers
Icon GasGen.png
Gas generator
+3 870 36 144 2x2x6 8 Lunatics
Apollo IV
+4 1600 363 1152 2x6x6 5 Dawn's Children